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Q&a with lynn from adorable home

Adorable Home is one of those wonderful websites that cover everything from amazing hotels and resorts right through to ideas for the design of the entire home, and reviews on specific furnishings.

Q&A with Lynn from Adorable Home

The website is a great go to for all your design needs, and you could get stuck on it for hours look at all the gorgeous pictures and posts! I have a chat with the founder Lynn and discover what happens behind the scenes and find out about her journey!

Q1/ What are your key inspirations?

Nature is definitely the greatest and endless source of inspiration for just anybody involved in any way with interior design and architecture! Nature’s colours, shapes and patterns are all unique and absolutely stunning, because everything in nature is simple yet perfect. We are excited to see that many of these patterns could be and often are implemented in interior design. Apart from that, I believe that inspiration can be found in each and every thing that surrounds us, even the simplest and smallest ones. It depends on how you perceive the world and on whether you keep your eyes and mind open.

Q2/ Tell us a bit about your journey from setting up your site to now?

It all started when I had to design a new home for me and my boyfriend. Our apartment was basically bricks and concrete only. Since we couldn’t afford a professional designer, we decided we could do it ourselves. It was a bold decision for sure because we had no idea what we were doing. The one thing that saved us was the interior design blogs. I would browse thousands of pictures daily to find the best design ideas that would turn the bare walls into a cozy home environment. And so it happened that need grew into passion. I decided to take this road and make my own design blog – to help people with limited budget find inspiration and build their own dream homes. Now, a year and a half later, the website has more than 1000+ articles and 10,000+ pictures and I believe it serves its purpose.

Q3/ Can you tell me about your ideal reader?

Our ideal reader is a person who appreciates beauty, admires creativity and original design ideas, and strives for having that perfect home of his/her dreams. It’s a person who would gladly dedicate time and energy for checking on the latest trends in interior design and architecture, keeps his/her eyes open for every new and original detail, and is ready to experiment and implement.

Q4/ What do you think are the most important key rules to follow when creating a blog?

Creating a blog is not as easy as I used to think at the beginning. It requires full dedication and 24/7 attention. Once you build a readership you become responsible for satisfying people’s expectations, therefore having a day off is not an option. Having this in mind, you better choose a topic that you’re passionate about because otherwise it will be just another unsatisfying job. So, in my opinion the most important key rules when creating a blog are to love what you do, to create a unique and informative content, and to be persistent.

Q5/ What are your most prominent achievements to date, and what are you aiming to achieve in the future?

As prominent achievements we consider all emails we receive from readers saying that they really enjoy reading our blog and that it helps them build their homes.This means we have achieved our main goal. I still remember our first email from a lady who had found out she’s first time pregnant that same day and she contacted us to ask about some nursery rooms designs that she liked on the site. It feels really great to be able to share people’s joy and excitement. Of course being invited to new collection presentations and other blogger events is also very flattering. Our next goals are to increase our readership and to offer our readers a unique online experience unavailable elsewhere.

Q6/ if you could use 5 images to describe your tastes/style, what would they be?

We’re particularly fond of the Scandinavian style, vintage, coastal interiors, cottages and contemporary style. Here are a few examples from our blog.
Minimalist Scandinavian living room in white with subtle hints of bright colour
Vintage cream dining room with traditional cabinets, tables and dining table chairs
Modern white and cream living room with teal and light blue accent accessories
Modern cottage design with lots of exposed wood and a cream fireplace
White loft space with wooden floors, looking down a flight of metal and glass stairs to a dining room

Q7/ Who do you see as your main role models?

Me and my small but dedicated team that is very close to my heart and shares my ideas, are all family people. We consider our parents as our main role models in life. When it comes to work there are plenty of blogs and websites that we truly admire. Here we can mention Houzz, HomeDSGN, Apartment Therapy, Freshome and many more. If we have to mention designers and architects, it’s really hard to point out just a few names, because art and design can’t be put in frames and we appreciate the work of every artist.

Q8/ What do you think we'll see as an emerging trend in 2014?

In my opinion, architects will continue astonishing us with even more bold and futuristic homes that will literally leave us speechless. We have already published an article about a dynamic house that changes with the seasons, so I guess now sky is the limit! Regarding interior design, I expect to see two quite different trends, but both with a very strong influence and support. One aims at the minimalist style while the other is turned more towards the eclectic style. Thanks so much for you time Lynn! You've really given an interesting insight into your life and work, and we at Terrys blog wish you the best of luck with all your future projects! If you've enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment and share!

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