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Q&a with catherine gerke from interior apartment

Interiors blogs are created to inspire those of you out there who love interior design, and want to become involved with it in some way, be it in your home or as a business. The internet communities can make or break a design blogger, and really do have a huge effect on design trends and opinions.

Q&A with Catherine Gerke from Interior Apartment

An important blog within the interior design comminity is Interior Apartment, And today I have a little chat with Catherine Gerke; founder of this brilliant blog and a true design enthusiast. So grab a seat, sit back and enjoy reading on about her journey as a blogger, and the secrets to her success!

What are your key inspirations?

Coming from a Fine Arts background I find a lot of inspiration in art. Artists who create gorgeous images using colour and texture inspire me to create gorgeous interiors which communicate meaning and function to people. Fashion is also a great source of inspiration, Missoni prints and Alexander Wang sharpness and minimalism- what more could you ask for?

Tell us a bit about your journey from setting up your site to now?

I started blogging about interiors simply from a love of design, and the need for my own creative outlet. I never imagined Interior-Apartment would develop in the way it has! Everyday I am thankful for my viewers and simply for he opportunity to do what I love!

Can you tell me about your ideal reader?

Any reader is an ideal reader! But basically I try and make my site informative for readers who may be new to interior design and decoration but want some inspiration.

What do you think are the most important key rules to follow when creating a blog?

The biggest thing I have found when creating my blog was to be consistent and diverse, I try and categorise logically, post regularly and keep things as fresh as possible. Using a blog designer to help you make you site look as sleek or as in-line with the look you require is also a must... Unless you are a web designer hire someone who can make your blog look amazing!

What are your most prominent achievements to date, and what are you aiming to achieve in the future?

One of the achievements I am most proud of is growing my ail views, this is after all why I blog, to get my message out there. Using my blog to further expand the Interior-Apartment brand is the current goal. Now offering Interior Design in the Sydney area, with an online store on the horizon.... the sky is the limit!

Who do you see as your main role models?

I actually do not have any role models. I admire to talents of my partner, the honesty of my mother and the dedication of my father- but the best I can do is try to be a better me every day.

What what styles would you like to see more of in 2014?

More print! It has has a resurge in 2013 after a few years of minimalism... I adore pattern and print and would love to see it continue to play a role in interior design for the coming year.

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