Putting the emphasis on comfort - part 3- master bedrooms

Pattern works best in the bedroom but don’t overdo it. Too much pattern can leave the room with no focal point and make the room look disjointed. Patterned wallpaper works best when just one wall is covered especially with really bold patterns. Black and white works well in the bedroom and can give the room a contemporary feel with clean lines.

Square furniture looks very chic in black and white. Blinds are great for this look as they keep to the square simplicity. Not only are Blackout roller blinds perfect in a modern contemporary bedroom because of their bold rich colours and simplicity but they are also great because they can block out any light from outside that might keep you up at night. There are also thermal blackout roller blinds that are great in the winter to keep your bedroom warm and cosy.

Neutral colours with a splash of pastel colour can look very effective. Balance them out with soft patterns throughout. Bedding sets that come with throws and additional pillowcases look great and keep the theme of the room together on the bed. Often you can also buy matching curtains, which is even better as you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching different colours or patterns. Julian Charles bedding has a variety of luxury bedding sets to choose from in a range of styles and colours to fit any theme.

Bedside tables are a must, not only are they extremely useful but they can also make the bedroom look more homely. They don’t have to look too traditional they can be any size or shape you like. They also don’t have to have draws. A lamp sitting on top can be a great accessory and is also useful, the style will depend on the style of the room, but it should compliment it.

Some may prefer a swing lamp attached above the bed rather than a more conventional bedside table. Headboards can be upholstered in any fabric you want. They can even be embroidered or have details such as buttons. Similarly they don’t have to be upholstered you can also have a wooden headboard which you can either leave as it is or paint to match your décor.

Square and angular shapes are in at the moment over oval shapes, although whichever you chose make sure to keep to clean and simple lines. The wall behind the bed should compliment it and not over power it.

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