Put spring into your home – part 6 – entrances, stairs and landings

First impressions really do count so you should always bear this in mind every time you open your front door! Be realistic – do you like what you see or do you groan at the mess and clutter? Entrances, stairs and landings should be kept as clutter free as possible at all times. If you don't have a downstairs cloakroom large enough to stow away shoes and coats invest in a coat and show rack or storage which is in keeping with the theme of your home.

Entrances, landings and stairs can be dark dingy spaces, light them up by using a hard wearing but light coloured flooring or carpet. These areas are high traffic so the flooring needs to be robust and durable. Keep colours light in a hallway and on the stairs, pale greens are ideal from bringing a fresh spring look. Alternatively beige or cream are also good colour choices as they will enable you to have carte- blanche choice over your window dressings.

If your front door is part glass, part wood you need to remember that as soon as you turn on the lights neighbours and passers-by will be able to see into your home. The same applies if you have windows on the stairs and landing. Opt for a practical window dressing which suits the style of your home. If you live in an older style of home with a wooden door which is a bit draughty a door curtain is a great way to make an entrance feel warm and cosy during the winter months.

Opt for the latest bold prints to brighten the area and in spring swap for lighter weight voile curtains which can be swept to one side and held in place with a trendy beaded tie back. Hang full length curtains from pine coloured wooden curtain poles for a country cottage look or choose darker wood poles for a more refined look. If you only have small windows or tall high windows cheap roller blinds are a great alternative, go for remote controlled versions to save you struggling to reach the operating wands.

Make a feature of one wall of both the entrance and the lading as this will add character as well as making it easier to remain looking stylish. Use of mirrors is a great way to add more natural light which also comes in handy for a quick 'check-over' before you leave the house for work, the chances are the men and boys in your home will use it more than the females! Don't forget to add a vase of fresh spring flowers in the hallway, stairs and landing, these will not only make your home spring like they'll make it smell nice!

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