Put spring into your home – part 1 – adding vibrancy

Once we have passed the elusive date which tells us that Spring is officially here it lifts the mood as we prepare ourselves for warmer days. Our thought also turn to spring cleaning and blowing away the cobwebs from winter to refresh our homes. With Easter fast approaching it's a good idea to get guest rooms ready from friends and family and spruce our homes up to create a welcoming atmosphere which also reflects Spring.

These could simply be achieved by placing a vibrant vase packed with fresh daffodils on your dining room table or coffee table, however once you have done that you'll probably start to notice that your rooms can be brought back to life and out of hibernation by adding other small changes which will make all the difference. This doesn't mean that you have to completely redecorate every room, what it does mean that you can put the spring back into your step and your home by opting for more vibrant colours in duvet sets and curtains.

White bedding always provides a crisp, clean look, but if you don't want purely white them brighten the room with floral printed bedding sets. You can choose between a more traditional chintz style fabric or a bold modern contemporary print. Large blooms are yet another of this year's on-trend designs and offer a bright natural look. Lightweight voiles are very much on-trend this year and the are the ideal way to freshen up a room. The easiest voiles are the ready made eyelet curtain styles as these can simply be threaded onto your curtain poles. If you need more privacy you can choose lined voile curtains or simply use a combination of stylish blinds and voiles.

If you or your guests have trouble sleeping due to too much light opt for plain blackout roller blinds in duck egg blue, cream or white as these will contrast with your curtains without trying to steal the show! Add further injections of colour to your rooms by changing your cushion covers for bright spring colours, this applies to the bedrooms as well as your lounge. Look for cushions with different textures to add further interest into the rooms.

Throw open your windows to let as much fresh air inside as possible, you'll be surprised at the difference it will make and is the best way to rid your house of stale winter air and their associated odours, further more it won't cost you a penny!

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