Purrfect interior or catastrophe?

Today is Cat Day; so this post is dedicated to those of you who love all thing s feline. Some are perfect while others may be viewed as a catastrophe in the eyes of interior designers. A kids nightlight in the shape of a cat, one large and white, the other smaller and orange


How cute are these little Kitty lamps? A black and white cat in three different images, sitting on a chair, scratching the wall and sitting on a wicker dog

Modern Cat

Perfect home accessories for cat lovers. Plastic white chair with cutout on the base of a bird, similar cutouts of cats too in the background

Yanko Design

Amazing cat inspired shelving. A desk lamp with white round head and a stand that looks like a black cat on four legs, in a number of different poses

Dream Fun House

Fancy these strange little cats creeping around your office? A green round spiral ramp in the kitchen for a cat to climb


Every spoilt moggy should have their own helter-skelter slide! A cat perched a cat stand that is mounted to the side of a bed


If you want your cat sleeping close by but not actually on your bed this slide in cat bed is the ideal solution. Orange sofa with black wall decal above it of a cartoon cat, looking down at a decal of a black mouse hole

Interior Design Photos

Add a touch of fun to your living room with cat and mouse hole wall stickers. A giant 30 foot to scale bean bag cat, in a large room with a woman sitting on top of it

Cutpaste Artist

Do you have room for this oversized cat sofa in your home? Or more to the point would you want it! A glass coffee table with hammock shelf for a cat to lie on

Boredom Bash

This coffee table is as sleek and cool as the cat that sleeps under it. Two rows of two large wooden letters, spelling out MEOW

Daily Mail

Spell out how your cat feels about his home.

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