Purple living room interior design ideas: pretty pastels

Light and airy, pretty purple pastels will bring a touch of spring/summer into your living room. These gentle purple shades lean favourably towards pink and therefore provide a warm undertone. If you think along the lines of summer flowering sweet peas, the delicateness of their colour and their beautiful sweet aroma you'll be able to conjure up an living room colour scheme which is packed full of chic styling.

We forget that purple has its pastel or sherbet hues, the more white that is added the paler the shades become, until you reach a point where white becomes more dominant with purple slightly peeking through to create pretty pastel shades. Pastel colour schemes lend themselves beautifully for creating living rooms with a casual country cottage feel – which enables you to adopt this interior design style even if you live in the heart of a busy city or town.

Use the colours to relax and de-stress you, let the patterns, floral or otherwise, remind you of warm summer, carefree days and you'll love pastel purple even more. To create the country cottage and rural life charm choose pale purple curtains which are full length, allowing for extra length in your want them to puddle onto the floor. Include patterns, floral are ideal, for flooring, cushions and throws to bring a new dimension to the room and prevent it from looking to bland and lifeless.

Alternatively use cheap curtains or Roman styled window blinds in a neutral beige or Hessian colour, so that pale purple and pinks can be used elsewhere in the room. These soothing colour combinations allow you to mix and match fabrics and materials. Unless you're aiming for an eclectic look, try can keep within the boundaries of the interior design style, for a more modern look Shabby Chic may be more to your liking and is a great way to create style without having to spend a fortune to get the desired effect.

Floral patterns are one of the key features of Shabby Chic interiors, so scout around for pretty pastel tea cups, dainty floral curtain fabrics to make your own cushion covers and include a personal touch within your accessories which denote past and present family life. Pretty pastels don't have to be overly feminine when used with other contrasting colours, try including pale greys to bring a touch of masculinity into your living room's colour scheme and style.

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