Purple living room interior design ideas: plum perfection

To end this week's mini-series on using purple in your living room we take a look at deep, rich plum. The colour of ripe Victoria plums is a dark and elegant shade of purple which can crate a chic and stylish living room when used either as the main colour or as the one of the accents. For modern and contemporary interiors the deep colour looks stunning on a feature wall and is perfect for complimenting modern and contemporary styles of furniture in metallic finishes.

For a more traditional interiors plum and dark taupe-beige make a winning colour combination which gives a feel of country cottage without being overly overt. Rich plum curtainspurple curtains with a traditional floral pattern can be co-ordinated with cushions and large rugs to create a living room which is warmly inviting and extremely liveable.

Plum can also be used for creating living room themes, such as Gothic, where the dark sensuous colour can be co-ordinated with black or deep cherry reds to enhance the Gothic colour trends without them becoming too foreboding. Victorian styled living rooms can also use rich plum for soft furnishings and full length curtains and window blinds in velvet or heavy Damask or Jacquard curtain fabrics.

Filled with an air of mystery and intrigue plum-purple colour tones have been used on and off over the decades. A paler version of the colour we refer to as plum is also know as French lilac and was recognised as a colour in the early 1800s. Plum is a deeply satisfying colour when used in the correct amounts – too much and you can easily turn a living room to a dark and depressing place, whereas a balance of plum and a neutral, or co-ordinating colour such as pale lavender or mid-tone green can bring a refined elegance to a living room.

Interior designers are now suggesting that rather than avoiding using dark colours in small living rooms they should be embraced and used to add depth and character. Painting ceilings in the same colour as a feature wall will not make the room look and feel oppressive but give the room magnitude and the illusion of more space. As we know interior design trends come and go and although this style of adding colour to ceilings is currently bang on-trend I can't see the 'average' home taking this trend on-board!

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