Purple living room interior design ideas: no shrinking violet!

Bring an air of majesty and mystery to your living room by choosing violet shades of purple. Violet is nearer to blue than red on the colour spectrum, however, violet is also on the short wave-length of the visible spectrum violet is often too dark and gloomy when used on its own because our vision is usually insensitive to short-wave colours.

Incorporate purples shades which are nearer to the red spectrum, such as lavender, and balance and harmony will be achieved. We shouldn't forget that monochromatic colour schemes don't solely apply to black and white – you can use any colour to create a monochromatic colour scheme simply by using the variants from each end of the colour's spectrum – in this case purple where the colour we refer to as aubergine is dark purple, while lavender, as mentioned above is a pale shade of purple.

Armed with this knowledge, albeit somewhat condensed, you can see that purple can be used to make a dark dramatic statement or have a light country cottage appeal. We mustn't forget electric violet, but we'll be looking at that later on this week. Large rooms can easily be painted violet with matching purple curtains and large area rugs – if your living room is small, it's advisable to go gently with violet and use it for your accessories and soft furnishings and choose a pale shade for the walls and floor to open the room up and make it look lighter and more spacious.

Don't be afraid to include a darker purple, for example for cushion covers, a table lamp or a foot-stool. By adding darker shades you will be giving more depth and character; make a focal point in the room which draws the eye's attention. If you haven't got an architectural feature but do have large windows these can be the show stopper – more especially when dressed with gorgeous full length violet coloured curtains and sheer white fabric window blinds which allow the natural light to radiate through them.

Violet is considered to be the colour symbol of wealth, opulence and can be calming as well as a great colour to ignite your imagination. You have to be quite brave to use violet, as it is quite an intense colour - hence you shouldn't be shy and retiring type of person if you want to have a violet living room!

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