Purple living room interior design ideas: homely heathers

Within the mid-tone ranges of purple heather sit comfortably in the middle of the red warm tones and cool blue tones. Heather (the plant) is associated with good luck and admiration, and this can be equated into your living room décor. Heather is a calm and relaxing colour which is friendly and homely making it the ideal shade of purple to use if you like to be surrounded by family and friends. Some cultures also associate purple with death and mourning, however, heather can still have its place in people's home because it is the equal mixture of red and blue.

This homely aspect means that heather can be used in conjunction with neutral colours, such as beige or cream to give a modern twist on classical colour combinations, if you're looking for a more modern colour mix try using heather and grey which offers style and sophistication. Using purple heather as an accent enables you to use purple curtains, plain or patterned, a combination of the two, or Roman styled window blinds and curtains, matching cushions and chair covers. Use a variety of fabrics such as faux silk, taffeta, cotton blends along with velour to increase the homely look and style.

It's important to find fabrics with the same heather hue or tone otherwise the classical, homely style can be lost and turn into eclectic. Look for modern table lamps in your contrasting colour, pale coloured flooring will help to ground the colour scheme beautifully. While you're trying to achieve a homely look be careful not to make the room look too staid and non-liveable, otherwise your family and friends will be terrified that they'll accidentally drop or spill something and ruin your pristine looking living room. With such a relaxing colour scheme it would be a shame to make others feel on edge as they certainly won't be able to relax!

A balance between chic styling and modern lifestyles is the perfect harmony you should aim for. Use this gorgeous colour to bring a happy, homely and welcoming ambience to your living room. Use accessories wisely, remembering the 'less is more' rule. Try not to over complicate things by adding too many different patterns as these can become confusing and the eye will have trouble trying to find a safe resting place. Use your focal point to lead the eye around the room with ease, ending with your point of interest, whether that be picture windows overlooking the garden or an architectural feature of your living room.

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