Purple living room interior design ideas: electric eclectic!

If you love bright, loud colours then electric violet is the ideal shade of purple for you to use! This bold colour certainly isn't for the faint-hearted – you have to have an out-going personality to feel comfortable living with electric purple; more especially if you team it with citrus yellow and black.

Fun and funky eclectic mixtures of furniture and furnishings will look right at home and you can include various textures to make the room look even more exciting and inviting. It's believed by some that positive healing energy is seen as electric violet or brilliant white light, so by incorporating the two in your living should help you feel invigorated and stress free. It has to be said that this colour isn't for everyone and it takes a certain amount of courage and panache for it to used successfully.

Lighting will play a vital role when using electric violet, due to the light-wave lengths seen by the human eye, floor and table lamps should be placed strategically around the room so that there are no dark areas. Funky coffee tables with built-in lighting radiating violet and white will make a stunning focal point. Central lighting can be large spot lights or a trendy chandelier in purple to give the room a glamours, chic style.

Try and keep true to the colours, cheap curtains in brilliant white are the ideal backdrop, or you could match existing touched of purple with subtle toned plum curtains. While sofas should be made stylish and homely by using a plethora of different textured cushions, in purples and black, to contrast the canary yellow sofa. If you prefer not to use citrus yellow you can adapt the colour scheme accordingly – for example a citrus orange will make a wonderful, deliberate clash of colours which is in keeping with this contemporary styled living room.

Think outside the box to get the look – break the conventional 'rules' of complimenting colour schemes and although the style is eclectic it doesn't mean that you have to cram your living room full of trivialities, as this will spoil the desired look – less is more in this contemporary living room and the eye should be guided around the room with the continuation of the colour scheme and accessories, beginning with the focal point. Use black hight gloss paint for doors, window frames and skirting boards and introduce pattern into the room by using wallpaper with an large repeat pattern.

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