Purple living room interior design ideas: aubergine & lime

If you want to make a bold statement in your living an aubergine and lime colour combination will tick all the right boxes! Deep, intense purple has a majestic look and feel, while the zesty lime injects vigour and chic styling to a living room. Dark purple tones can make living rooms look dark and foreboding, however, add a bright accent and the room will come alive. In larger living rooms you'll be able to use aubergine for the walls and flooring and use lime as an accent for soft furnishings, curtains and window blinds.

Try and use equal amounts of each colour so that the room doesn't become too confusing for the eye. In smaller living rooms think about reversing the colour scheme by having lime green walls and flooring and using purple curtains, window blinds and soft furnishings. By using plush tactile fabrics such as velvet and velour the room will become a restful and calming place to be despite the intensity of colour – use velvet cushions to stroke and touch, in much the same way as you would stroke a cat or dog – it's been proven to reduce heart rates and lower high blood pressure – so if you don't want a pet, use velvet, faux fur or velour for cushions and throws to help you relax and unwind.

By placing table lamps in corners you'll do away with unusable spaces, particularly at night; floor lamps are also worth investigating as these can be directed into the room or if you choose up-lighter styles will help to bounce light from the ceiling (if the ceiling is painted white with a satin finish) back down and into the room. Mirrors are also ideal for helping to reduce dark spots in living rooms. Although they're usually placed on a chimney breast, trying hanging a mirror on the wall opposite the window – this will capture natural light coming in via the window and make the room appear lighter and more spacious.

Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid clutter build-up – using these intense colours makes a statement showing that you are in-tune with interior design trends, so don't spoil things by leaving unwashed coffee mugs laying around – you'd never see that in an interior design journal! If you're brave enough to use these gorgeous colours no doubt you'll know what and what not to include in your living room.

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