Purple interior design ideas & tips

Purple is often considered one of the more regal colours. This is in part because of its exclusivity during the past few thousand years. We live in an age where we are spoilt for choice when it comes down to the shades and pigments we use in our design. Yet it has not always been this way. Previously all the different colours available had to be sourced from natural means, which meant that some of them were simply rarer and more expensive than others - with purple being reserved for nobility or royalty.

Now however, purple is much more easily available, and if you are looking for purple interior design ideas and tips then look no further! As you can most likely imagine, there are a vast array of hues and shades of purple available. There is even further disagreement with people not really agreeing on exactly what colours are actually purple! To some people violet and indigo are hues of purple, yet technically they are not - and it is purple that does not actually exist as a colour in the spectrum of light.

Whatever the case, if you include all of these shades there are certainly a lot to choose from! Purple is one of those colours that fairs exceptionally well in any situation. While other colours are more reserved to being accent colours, or only really useful in broad areas - purple copes with both incredibly well. This makes it equally fantastic when used in throw rugs as it does being used to paint the walls of a dining room or bedroom curtains. One room which is sees the use of purple most often is definitely the bedroom. Most of us love to have either a very refined and elegant looking bedroom - or a very playful, colourful and relaxed one. Purple is a wonderful colour for either of these things!

From amethyst to lavender, plum to periwinkle, there are just so many different shades and tones available for you to choose from. If you are looking to create a wonderfully regal and refined bedroom however, look no further than rich imperial purple walls, accented with gold skirting boards. Carry the theme to your bed, with purple and gold cheap bed linen readily available online or bedding sets which offer matching bed linen and curtains.

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