The Psychology of Colour – Purifying & Illuminating Silver

The colour silver has the ability to purify and calm your home with its fluid, reflective qualities. It's a soothing colour that has feminine energy, more especially the paler hues, while the darker tones offer a touch of mysterious masculinity. As silver is a precious metal it symbolises wealth and prosperity, and can be used to give a high-tech, shiny modern interior or a sparkly, elegant one. Dignified and organised, from an interior design perspective silver is an on-trend colour that illuminates a room whether it's used a the main colour for walls or as an accent via soft furnishings. Silver is an approachable colour that is easy on the eye and yet can be used in almost any interior design style. Read on to be inspired to use this purifying and illuminating colour in your home.
Create a glitzy Hollywood motif using on-trend silver. The neutrality of the colour enables you to add splashes of contrast colour for visual interest and style. Lavender works well with silver, especially if you chose fabrics with a sheen to compliment the reflective qualities of silver.
Silver is a great colour choice for modern, contemporary homes. sleek modern. Monochromatic colour schemes are easy to live with, giving you the opportunity to use varying shades of silver to create a more feminine or masculine style to suit your preferences.
The colour of the moon and starts makes silver a wonderful colour choice for bedrooms. Use shiny metallic silver to create a celebrity style bedroom that oozes chic style and refined elegance.
The masculine side of silver enables this trendy neutral to be used in any style of home, from loft apartments to Regency, there's always a place for silver tones to create a calming, yet functional décor.
Art Deco styles are perfect for silver. Choose highly reflective silver for accessories to create the look.