Problem Solving- Long & Narrow Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Home decorating is not always as simple as it should be. Just like fashion, what works for one may work for another- you are limited in your choice of décor by the size and shape of your room. If have already fallen in love with that glamorous interior beaming out of the pages of a glossy interior design magazine, then you could be set for disappointment due to measurements and dimensions that just don’t translate.

You may be renting an apartment where you cannot redo the positioning of walls, doors and windows or, have a large hall you do not seem to put to best use. The shape of your room dictates everything. Fortunately there are a few trade secrets you can implement in order to see to it that your rooms are put to best use. Colour, lines and furniture arrangement can make a huge difference to your room décor and if used cleverly can have the seemingly magical effect of adding extra width, height or length to a space.

One of the classic problems with modern houses is that they are too narrow due to unscrupulous building firms attempting to get more bang for their buck through squeezing as many houses into a street as they can. One way of remedying this problem is with the use of a horizontal linear arrangement. Putting up shelves or rectangular frames on the shorter walls will give them extra width. If you have a window on your short wall, choosing some black wooden blinds will create a similarly strong linear effect.

You can also fool the eye by painting your longer walls in cool light colours to make them recede. Rearranging your furniture can also have a surprisingly big effect. If you consider that the diagonal across a square or rectangle is much longer than any of the sides, it stands to reason that arranging your seating into a diagonal plan will make the room feel much wider as settees with extra length will fit much better. Combining all of these inexpensive and simple techniques will really help in any narrow space- give them a try and prepare to be amazed.

Further problems arise in narrow houses when people attempt to alleviate cramped conditions by extending. As there is usually only one direction they can go- backwards- the result is a house which is now far too long and lacking in proportion.

Fortunately, this is also something that can be solved quickly and effectively without spending a fortune. An inexpensive room divider can help be splitting the space into two separate areas. Available in many different styles form traditional Japanese to funky pop art there is a style to suit any room. A cheap rug can also have a similar effect when used to define the perimeters of an area.

Two rugs, one with settees set around it and the other underneath a dining table, will have the effect of creating two distinct areas, thereby taking the focus off the length of the room. Painting the shorter walls a much darker shade can also help a lot. The darker shade will cause them to advance and make the room feel much shorter.

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