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Preparing for the festive season – lounges part 2

Who says you have to have a Christmas tree in your lounge? Adult focused chic styling can be accomplished with the ingenious use of wreaths hung in your windows rather than on your front door!

Making a focal point of your mantle piece is also a great idea simply by using greenery and red bows. Keeping rooms devoid of clutter has to be the key point in successful interiors. When you flick through interior design magazines and brows interior design blog pages online they nearly always portray stunning interiors which are clutter free and everything in it's rightful place. Whilst some may argue that these images are not true reflections of the way people live, the 'no clutter' trend is fundamental if you want to transform your home and give it the wow factor!


Probably the festive season is the one time of the year when you have to prepare ahead and be organised if you want things to run smoothly. This includes cooking, gift wrapping, decorations and having your home clean and tidy so that you can have a few days off from household chores!


Making lists is a good idea and not only does it mean that you have the satisfaction of ticking each chore off as it is completed but also ensures nothing is overlooked!


We have already looked at how you need to make space for a tree if you are having one, this post looks at a more adult orientated festive season, which in itself makes life much easier as you don't have to revolve your festivities around children's eating habits and bedtimes, if there are such things during the holidays!


The 'less is more' attitude is also very apt as the credit crunch is affecting many people's spending power. This is where you can make the very most of the necessary trimmings to ensure your home looks festive without costing a fortune!


Adding floor lamps with energy saving bulbs is ideal for creating warm and cosy atmospheres in all styles of homes, along with having windows and window dressings which become part of your decorations. Using ready made eyelet curtains are an ideal way to bring your window dressing into your festive design. Use the curtain poles to hang decorations such as wreaths or baubles in descending heights to give a chic and stylish festive look which doesn't interfere with the closing of your curtains.


Be prepared well in advance and the festive season will be far less stressful and more economical!

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