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Preparing for the festive season lounges part 1

Although many people will be putting up their festive decorations today take a minute to stop and think about how you can arrange furniture to accommodate the people who are spending the holidays with you.

A table placed at the back of a sofa is a great idea as you can use it to put out nibbles as well as serving as a place for people to put their drinks. Re-adjust your furniture and floor lamps in order to place the tree, if you are having one, in a suitable place where it will not be in the way!

It's also a good idea not to place your tree in front of your windows, particularly if you have small windows as it will simply block out any natural light and prevent you from being able to close the curtains properly, unless of course you prefer to light up your window space and leave the curtains for all passers-by to see your tree and inside your home once the artificial lights are switched on!

Make use of all available seating if there are many guests, it's a good idea not to place them all in direct sight of the television if you want to have fun playing Christmas games or would prefer your guests to spend quality time chatting rather than staring at the television! Each persons perceptions of festive holidays are different and it would be a boring world if everyone just did the same things! However, if you want to try an 'alternative' Christmas without the TV make it difficult for people to view properly! You could of course use curtains to pull across the entire wall and disguise your TV!

The combination of curtains and blinds in modern interiors is perfect for providing maximum amounts of natural light into your lounge along with giving you uninterrupted views of your garden or outdoor space. Use light coloured wood-weave roller blinds in conjunction with light sheer ready made curtains to give a light, airy and chic styling to your windows. If you live in an apartment or don't have a very pleasant outside view a combination of yellow Venetian blinds and sheer orange coloured voile curtains will give the illusion of the sun streaming through your windows, which actually make you feel warmer!

Remember not to block the natural pathways which people follow, too much manoeuvring around furniture can lead to people bumping into furniture and potentially spilling drinks on your carpets or rugs – depending how much and the type of drinks you serve!

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