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Preparing for the festive season – kitchens part 1

With the festive season approaching fast now is the time to make sure that your kitchen is uncluttered and looking good before you spend hours preparing your festive food!

If you have family or friends arriving you will want your kitchen looking at its best! The is still time to do a quick re-vamp to bring a new lease of life to your kitchen. Not only will this help you to sort your kitchen out to maximise worktop space it will also make you feel more relaxed as you won't keep thinking 'if only'!


There is little point in saying 'if only, I'd done something about that dreadful window dressing' as it will only make you stressed and uncomfortable, more especially if you have pedantic in-laws arriving!


There are few simple things you can do so that the week running up to the festive season can be dedicated to cooking and last minute cleaning!

  • De-clutter! The most space you have the easier your life will be on Christmas day.

  • Check cupboards for out-of date items which you rarely use, but someone may just ask for! Whilst checking dates and taking stock spend a couple of minutes wiping out the cupboards – you never know who might look in there!

  • Fridge and freezer. Keep these well organised and the festive season will be a doddle!

  • Flooring: Now is the time to make sure you clear up any mess which has fallen down the side of any non-fitted units.

  • Windows: Clean the windows inside and out, it's amazing what a difference it will make. Change dirty windows dressings for stylish roller blinds which can be fitted either inside of the window casing or outside by fixing into the wall. If you haven't got time opt for café style curtains and use the latest spring loaded café rod style curtain poles which require no drilling at all! Either of these options will change the look of your kitchen dramatically within minutes!

  • If your back door has glass at the top half coordinate with the same roller blinds of kitchen curtains for a balanced look which will impress the most discerning of your guests!

If you carry out these simple steps now you have time to look online for new curtains and blinds and they will be delivered in plenty of time before the big day! Look for retailers who offer express despatch and your items will be delivered within a day or two.


Don't ruin you festive season by thinking 'if only', act now and you can relax and enjoy your Christmas knowing that your kitchen looks clean and very stylish!

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