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Preparing for the festive season – guest rooms - part 2

As the festive season starts in earnest this weekend you still have time to prepare your guest room! Give yourself plenty of time by carrying out the necessary chores such as cleaning and then you can make up the bed in gorgeous bedding sets with coordinating curtains!

If you have Christmas colours such as snow white, berry red or dark fir tree green all the better! This may sound rather over the top, however having guests rooms to be proud of will help you feel more relaxed and less stressed!


Interior designer Laurence Llewellyn Bowen bedding sets are available, without the designer price tag, making them an ideal solution to bringing your guest rooms bang up to date without having to spend a fortune!


Of course what makes your life even easier is that luxury bedding sets usually have coordinating accessories which save you both time and hassle of trying to find curtains, scatter cushion and in-vogue bed runners which match or coordinate! It's these little finishing touches which gives your rooms the wow factor.


Red and white colours also provide a crisp clean look and compliment all styles of homes and interiors. If you prefer to opt for green there are many different bedding sets available for you to choose from. Again look for sets that have coordinating ready made curtains and you can transform the look of your bedrooms without having to totally re-decorate!


Add further personal touches to your guest room by having a chair for them to place their clothes on, add a really festive touch by hanging a 'kissing bough' above the bed for a touch of festive fun! 'Kissing boughs' can be made very simply by using a Styrofoam ring and attach small bunches of fresh mistletoe tied with white or red ribbon and hung by ribbons from your ceiling!


If you feel you don't have time for such things or that they are inappropriate for the in-laws you can place a vase of season flowers on the dressing table or subtle touches such as small tree decorations from the ends of the curtain poles! There are many little things you can do to show your guests that they are welcome in your home during the festive season!


Take inspiration from the interior designers by keeping your guest rooms clutter free, store things in boxes under the bed if you don't have sufficient storage place, just make sure you have a valanced sheet which touches the floor to discreetly hide the boxes!


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