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Preparing for the festive season – dining rooms part 1

Preparing your dining room ready for the festive season can begin, now by thinking of the overall ambience, colour and style you are going to want to bring to your festive table.

The traditional festive season colours are red and green, which is fine if you have green or red curtains in your dining room as you can simply reflect these colours within the layout of your festive table!


You can use a table cloth in red or green and focus your table settings around these two colours only. If you prefer to glamorise your table, gold works extremely well with these colours and can bring a touch of grandeur without being too pretentious!


Why not keep things simple and return to a more traditional style of Christmas which is easy to achieve and manage. Placing your tree in your dining room is a good idea if you have space as this will mean that you can focus your table which reflects the tree decorations, as well as helping a real tree last as dining rooms tend to be a lower temperature than lounges and help to prevent the needles dropping too fast!


Your table will be the focal point, however this does not mean you can ignore the rest of the room! If you are going to use candles as part of the table setting you won't want to spoil the effect by putting a central light on, instead use floor lamps to provide sufficient light so that you are not eating in complete doom and gloom!


During the day sweeping the curtains back from the centre and holding them in place with tie-backs adds to creating an elegant and refined look. As a bit of Yule tide fun you could always use tree decorations instead of tie-backs, which will bring your curtains effortlessly into your festive theme!


You have just over three weeks before the big day, tidy the dining room thoroughly now and then you can concentrate on the finer details just before your guests arrive. Clean the windows and if you have net curtains which have turned grey rather than crisp clean white or beautiful cream you still have time to replace them!


Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds can be simply damp dusted, doing this now will make you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the celebrations rather than fretting! Preparing for the festive season is easy if you start now rather than trying to cram everything into the last week!

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