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Preparing for the festive season – bathrooms – part 2

It makes logical sense to leave cleaning the bathroom until the very last minute so that its squeaky clean before your guests arrive, however an entire thorough clean would be impossible!

Washing floors, cleaning tiles, window and window dressing can be done a few days in advance, along with making sure you have a stack of freshly laundered towels available. If you have Venetian blinds these can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water or a soft duster. It's best not to use harsh abrasive cleaners as these will scratch the surface of the louvres and possible break through the protective coating which has been applied to make the blinds moisture resistant.


Venetian blinds remain one of the most popular window dressings for bathrooms in all styles of homes. The advances in manufacturer have brought the humble Venetian blind right into the 21st century! The latest designs and colours available are a far cry from the noisy metal blinds of the past. With smooth operating systems, the choice of having wand operating or traditional chord pulls and even the availability of blackout Venetian blinds, they have found their way back into many homes due to the versatility, stylish looks and affordability.


Classical white is ideal for all rooms as they coordinate effortlessly with all styles of décor beautifully. For a more contemporary look the latest faux leather Venetian blinds in black or chocolate brown are the ideal window dressing solution for bedrooms and lounges.


Remote controlled Venetian blinds have also increased in popularity over recent years. These stylish blinds are available with different coloured trims to coordinate with décor and furnishings whilst offering clean, sleek lines to meet the demands of a new generation of consumers, along with made to measure blinds.


Of course Venetian blinds offer complete control over the amount of light entering a room as well as much needed privacy from outsiders being able to see you take a bath or shower!


Fitted carpets in bathrooms have been replaced with floor tiling or stripped floorboards, both of which are far more hygienic! To make your guests feel welcome and you proud of your bathroom add personal touches such as a vase of seasonal flowers or fill a glass bowl with Christmas baubles for a real festive feel! Have small dishes filled with pot-pourri and don't forget to stock up on loo rolls!


Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but it is the one room which will used the most of the festive season!

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