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Preparing for festive season – bathrooms part 1

It may the smallest room in your house but bathrooms need to be bright, clean and fresh throughout the year, however if you have guests staying with you during the festive season you need to make sure your bathroom is looking at its best with minimum expense and fuss.

Although your bathroom will need to be cleaned before your guests actually arrive now is the time to pay attention to the little niggling details you have intended to do but never actually got round to!


Fitted carpets in bathrooms used to be fashionable and yet today people have realised just how dirty and germ ridden they can become! Many Europeans and Scandinavians have never quite understood the reason why British homes have fitted carpets in their bathrooms!


As the area is small you are much better off replacing carpets with laminate flooring, stripping floorboards in you live in an older style of home or having tiles. For comfort on the feet a bath mat or small rug can be used, just beware of the potential slip hazard!


Your bathroom window is the place where you can make a real difference. If you have Venetian blinds now is a good time to clean them! Most Venetian blinds can be cleaned by using warm soapy water to wipe the louvres. If they have seen better days or you feel that a bright colour injection is needed in the bathroom, Venetian blinds are very affordable and available in a wide range of colours to suit your décor.


Alternatively if you are getting rid of your carpet and using laminate flooring coordinate with wooden blinds in the same colour tones to bring a sense of harmony and balance. Opt for the wooden blinds which have special coating to make them moisture resistant to prevent them distorting in the humid atmosphere of a bathroom.


If you want a up to date and modern look roller blinds are a great option for bathrooms window dressings. The latest styles and designs are available in a wide variety of different colours and are a very inexpensive way to give your bathroom a new lease of life.


If you prefer to keep things really simple and chic opt for café style curtain rails and simply hang a bright white sheer curtain to provide privacy. Select the spring loaded curtain rails as you won't need to even use a screwdriver! What could be simpler, add a new window dressing to your bathroom and you will be amazed at the difference it will make!

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