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Preparing for christmas 7 - inviting entrances

You do want to feel that festive cheer the moment you enter your home - its warm, welcoming, magical and leaves a lasting impression. Nearly all rooms if not all, are decorated for Christmas - but if you don't get it right from the entrance then the rest will be brought down too. In other words, it is really worth putting the effort in to make an inviting entrance this Christmas time. It is here, that when guests arrive from the blizzard outside, your Christmas decorating scheme will be most appreciated! Let us begin with a stunning staircase shall we?
  • There are so many fantastic ideas just for the staircase! If you are particularly fond of the green foliage of Christmas then purchase several miniature evergreens and place one on every second step until they reach the top. Be warned though that this might not be the best if you have an excitable dog or small children (or drunken guests for that matter). Take the cheapest pots available and later you can jazz them up with some gift wrapping paper, a single bow or tinsel.
  • Wreaths are traditional for entrances and you may choose to place one on both the outer and inner side of the door. An alternative method is to dress the staircase with them by placing on every fourth or fifth baluster - attach them using some plastic pull and never use wire which could ultimately damage the surface of the wood. If you don't fancy wreaths then think about other festive décor to be hung from balusters - stockings, coloured baubles, green ivy or large gold bows can be just as impressive!
  • Dress up a plain wall with some Christmas cards; just take some wide coloured ribbon to be placed from the ceiling to about three quarters down and attach the cards to it at a slant. If you are picky about a colour scheme then try to pick out cards displaying just the colours that you want to use - it may be red and green, white and silver or gold if you want to be traditional.
  • Dress up a console table with a nativity display and beautiful, scented candles. There are many ways to dress up the console table - choose something that hints at your Christmas style. If you have young children you might want to purchase some mini statues of snowmen, angels or Santa Claus and his reindeer. A glass bowel filled with festive treats is also a nice and welcoming gesture - you could even wrap up some small empty boxes to look like little gifts. When the celebrations start - why not place a silver tray with some champagne on your console table to get into the party spirit?
  • Rugs are a good way to bring in some festive colour to your entrance hall - look for a flat weave rug runner that fit in with your desired colour scheme and just as your guests are removing their shoes - give a nod toward the ceiling where your cheeky mistletoe hangs!

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