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Preparing for christmas 5 - bathroom bliss

Just like you would spruce up your lounge and dining rooms or kitchens for Christmas, bathrooms need some special attention too - guests will be visiting them! You might not put up a Christmas tree or be able to decorate a hearth, but there are many things you can do to give this room of the house some festive cheer - even if it is done with extreme subtlety. For some inspiration, take a look at some of the wintry and Christmas features we have rounded up for you - you may choose to create a theme around several items or just have the odd touch of sparkle.

  • Dress Up The Walls - For a simple and quick festive makeover in the bathroom, a new piece of wall art or photography in a glistening frame could be your answer. You have options too - perhaps you have some photography of your own that depicts a wintry landscape scene or you might have a favourite photo from last year's celebration. Perhaps you can take out your camera and get a few snaps of the Christmas decorations in your nearest city to place on the walls. For families with young children, another option would be to hang up some of the festive pictures they have created in the last days of school.
  • Festive Textiles - New textiles for the bathroom won't burn your budget and you can even buy a new set of towels in festive colours that could be used any time of the year. Think about choosing white towels and facecloths with the odd red or gold towel to pick up on a Christmas colour scheme. If you use a shower curtain then keep eyes peeled for one with a wintry scene or motif such as snowflakes; just be careful not to go overboard on prints and motifs - stick to a casual one or two such as the snowflakes on a shower curtain or roller blind and some snowman figurines to place on an open shelf. Look too for bathroom rugs that will tie into your scheme whether in a block colour or with a festive trim. Cheap Venetian blinds can also help to set the scene whether in a classic wintry white, sparkling metallic or traditional wood.
  • Lighting & Accessories - Candles will look gorgeous in a blissful bathroom whether hung from a wall sconce or placed around the bath. Do choose those that have Christmas colours and scents that are traditionally festive and warming - think spicy cinnamon, cool peppermint or the smell of a pine forest! Place some pretty white fairy lights around the window frame - but do be cautious. Go bargain hunting for a new bathroom accessory set complete with soap dish, dispensers and toothbrush holder in the Christmas theme. Finally, a little greenery could not upset the scene - ivy, mistletoe or miniature evergreens add the perfect final touches.

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