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Preparing for christmas 4: kitchens - the heart of the home

When it comes to Christmas preparations and home decorating for the festive season, some rooms are more obvious than others. For example, the lounge will usually have a Christmas tree all dolled up, the mantel gets some attractive candles, hanging stockings and some greenery, there will even be a creative display of all your Christmas cards and gifts.

Then there is the porch and entrance way with a home-made wreath, pretty fair lights and so forth - you know exactly what you want when it comes to these rooms. The kitchen however is different and we never really know how little or how much Christmas decorations we need - although we do know a lot of time will be spent slaving away in here! Perhaps for this final remark, we should think positively about giving the heart of the home some festive cheer - read on to discover some easy and inexpensive ways of giving your kitchen the Christmas spirit.

Knowing where to place your decorations is as much as a worry as what to decorate with. You don't want them getting in the way of cooking a roast dinner for the entire family and this is one time of year where you really need to use every inch of available surface space! Now here is an idea - how about looking up to the bareness above wall cabinets? If there is a space between cabinets and ceiling of course - if so it is a prime spot for some Christmas décor.

We love the look of Christmas garlands which can be made together with your family or purchased complete. Take some greenery and add pretty red bows, miniature baubles or metallic stars. You can also use some white fairly lights up there and they won't do anything less than enhance that festive spirit. Another prime spot for adding festivity to your kitchen is the windows, starting with some ready made blinds in a Christmas red or green.

You can later customise your blinds to fit in with your chosen festive style of décor - perhaps some more of those pretty red bows along the bottom edge that can be tacked and removed after the holidays. Metallic ribbon that shimmers can be used to frame the blind or if you really feel creative - why not take a neutral roller blind and stencil a Christmas tree or other Christmas-themed motif directly onto your blind; you won't lose out as you can always use then again next year!

Don't forget the simple yet effective application of fake snow on your window panes and an arrangement of candles on the ledge. Finally, check with a fabric warehouse to see if they have any Christmas themed textiles available - table runners, kitchen rugs or blinds with festive details can really help to complete the look.

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