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Preparing for christmas 2 - festive dining rooms

Festive dining rooms are centred around the dining table where family and friends get together for a non-stop feast and celebrations. You could say then, that the table décor is the most important area to focus on when preparing for Christmas. Rather than just throw a few old decorations together, think about following a specific theme this year - in which we have a couple of fantastic ideas to choose from!

Although the focus is on table décor, you should seek to continue the theme into the rest of the room so that it blends effortlessly - choose between modern, glitzy and traditional decorating styles. Theme 1: Modern Glamour & Glitz Dining Room Parties and celebratory moods are going to find their perfect match in your modern styled dining room, that is all about the glitz and glam! It can be quite daring when you allow it with the use of bright and unconventional Christmas colours - think jewel tones of amethyst and emerald together with a sparkling fuchsia pink.

These jewel tones play compassionately with a rich, chocolate brown backdrop for dining table, chairs and a focal wall. Start making your own Christmas decorations now and if you do mess up, you can always opt for a last minute shopping spree to fix it! Create a centrepiece to hang low above the table; it is easily done and cheap with a few strips of coloured ribbon from the ceiling and dazzling baubles in your chosen jewel tones - a group of between five and ten is adequate enough.

Other cheap décor that adds up as an after dinner treat is foil wrapped sweets placed at random on the table. Theme 2: Traditional & Elegant Dining Room Stock up on the champagne as this dining room will be hosting more than its fair share of posh dinner dos! Traditional and elegant with statement black dinnerware, gold Christmas decorations and a touch of green foliage to dress the table or a mantel.

Glass candlesticks will look stunning as table décor and the candles will provide just the right atmosphere. Do add some sparkle with gold accents - table runners, gold baubles as tree, mantel or table décor and gold bead trim for existing lampshades. Pep-up ready made curtains with gold tassel curtain tie backs UK to carry the theme throughout the room. For more Christmas interior design ideas, check back every day of this week as we give every room a festive makeover - this year, Christmas couldn't come too soon!

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