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Preparing for christmas 1 - sprucing the lounge

As time goes on, Christmas preparations can become monotonous - you choose the same theme every year, the same colour palette, you worry year in year out about the expense of decorating for Christmas and some of you will never know when to stay stop! The same dilemmas, just a different year. Let this year be the turning point though - from tired looking Christmas decorations to impressive festive rooms throughout the home - starting with our lounges. This Christmas, spruce up your lounge with our helpful tips, advice and ideas to making it the best looking lounge on the block! We have a wealth of inspiration here so let's not waste any more time!

  • It wouldn't be a festive lounge without the essential Christmas tree - but in small rooms or rooms simply limited on space, it can be a chore setting it up. Expect to have to move things around a little to get your tree in a prime position - you will probably want it to be a focal point after all. If you can, don't only move furniture around but try to group it around the tree, turning them slightly to face the tree as opposed to the fireplace or television. Move rugs to accommodate your newly placed furniture.
  • Consider the colour red for this Christmas - especially if its already within your existing colour scheme and can be played up a little. If you just have one tone of red, use it alongside another tone or two on Christmas tree decorations. Pick up these new festive hues on seasonal accent pieces such as red berry wreaths at the windows and for gift wrapping!
  • If you are someone who is a tad shy for Christmas decorating then take the subtle route with a neutral colour palette and just the odd pop of festive colour - you don't even have to buy festive specific pieces. Look for items that can be used throughout the year such as satin red sofa cushions and throws or a grouping of gold candles at differing heights. Green is one of the easiest festive colours to work with so you might choose a few evergreens for the mantel or window ledge - give them some festive cheer by using metallic wrapping paper to cover the pots.
  • With children in the household, the pressure is always on the parents to create some sort of a winter wonderland! You don't have to go all out and blow the budget on décor though; a few pocket friendly additions that involve candy are bound to live up to expectations. Buy several large glass jars as seen in old sweet shops and fill them with their favourites - including some festive classics such as ribbon candy. This idea also adds a lovely collection of colour to the coffee table; elsewhere, miniature Christmas trees for each child full with even more sweet treats.
  • Another great budget idea to change the look of your everyday lounge is to clear off a shelving unit and place beautifully wrapped gifts on it instead; do choose wrapping paper that will match the rest of your scheme such as the décor upon the tree.
  • The hearth or a window ledge is the ideal spot for some Christmas décor; wreaths, a pitcher with berry branches, a nativity display, miniature Christmas trees, pretty fairy lights and so forth. Extend that festive display with some special window treatments for the party season - look through curtain material online that will emphasise your personal Christmas style whether it be a luxurious red, frosty white or even striking gold; go on, spoil yourselves!

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