Posters for Grownups

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Buying posters to frame or pin to your wall, is a great way to enhance the look of your home while saving a great deal of money. What’s more, posters can literally be picked anywhere and everywhere. You can buy posters of all kinds on the internet, at a nearby art store or even a local record shop, it really depends on what type of poster you want and how much you wish to spend. Wherever you buy, you will find posters of all kinds. Some of the more popular varieties include classic art, cartoons, photographs, movies posters, rock bands and celebrity posters. No matter what your taste is you can find a poster to fit your style.

If using posters makes you feel a little too like a teenager (is that so bad?) you can always frame then to add some grown up refinement. The cost of framing your posters will depend largely on the size of the poster and your choice of frame. The cheapest frame on the market is probably the clip frame which made up simply of a sheet of glass or for larger pictures, plastic which clips to a card or wooden back to sandwich your print safely in between; effectively it is a frameless frame! The benefit of this type of frame is that it places the emphasis on the artwork it is housing and is obviously able to fit comfortably into any scheme.

More pricey frames include brushed steel, gilt, rustic wooden or mosaic tiled varieties, with each having its own benefits. Some art shops will frame your poster at a discounted rate if you have purchased both there. Not only does this save money, it also saves you the hassle of sizing and framing your purchase yourself.

When choosing your posters, bear in mind that you might want to create a running theme through your home to maintain some continuity throughout. Though it certainly would provide quite a visual stimulant, including a different type of poster in every room may cause your scheme to end up disjointed and chaotic, ruining the harmony and balance in your home.

The internet is a great place to find all kinds of posters at even better prices than if you buy from a shop. Often you will find net sites offer discounts for multiple orders so if you intend to buy a few, it is definitely in your interest to purchase them all at once. Online merchants will ship your poster, or posters, almost overnight if you're willing to pay for the fast turnaround. Otherwise your product will likely arrive in a week or so, depending where you live.

In terms the history of interior design, posters are obviously a fairly recent home decoration tool so it best not to include them in older period setting such Edwardian or Victorian. Retro and contemporary settings will suit posters fine so use them in conjunction with more modern home features like roller blinds and brushed steel table lamps rather than tasselled curtains and ornate floor lamps.

With so many theme ideas to choose from you'll have a hard time narrowing down your search when it comes to buying posters for your home.

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