We all dream of having designer homes, or do we? Stereotypical assumptions are made and bandied about that most people would love the chance to have their home given a make-over by the top interior designers and whilst this may be true for some, others would shudder at the mere thought of letting someone getting their hands on their living space! For those who would rather make their own unique 'mark' on their home show independent, individuality and the passion to make their home well and truly theirs. Adding or increasing the 'wow' factor in your home doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Sometimes you can change a room's appearance by removing pieces of furniture rather than adding to it. This does not mean to say that you have to strip a room bare and start all over again, it means re-visiting your room and highlighting the areas which can be improved upon. You could simply highlight a special keepsake or piece of art by altering the lighting or adding this year's trend of over-sized free standing lamps. In the bedroom why not make your own statement headboard? This again is relatively easy to achieve and with some great fabrics and curtain material online you have a vast range of colours, styles and designs to choose from. If you've always had plain duvet sets swap them for patterned ones, it's surprising what a difference it can make to the room. Bold interior design schemes are still popular, along with dark colours, however adding a more playful approach is being seen more and more with traditional furniture being given a hand crafted look reminiscent of traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Combining different materials is another way you can add the 'wow' factor to your rooms. Take a look at your window dressing. When was the last time you gave them special attention? This year the trick is to combine the harmony and softness of fabrics to meet with the austerity of lacquered woods, leather and metal. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, you simply need to look at your rooms from a different perspective to combine the familiar with the new without stepping outside of your comfort zone. Totally white rooms may still be all the rage however can also look lack lustre, inject a bright bold colour by using cheap roller blinds or add some scatter cushions to your white sofa! You could even paint your wooden curtain poles to add the 'wow' factor to your windows! Experiment and have fun with your interior! Image: Belle Maison

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