As we have seen since the interior design trends for 2010 focus heavily on the beauty inspired by nature and earth's natural elements. This provides us with a palette of brilliant natural colours derived from nature. Textured surfaces also focused upon with light and feathery fabrics being used in conjunction with scoured surfaces, with materials being assembled in unusual and unexpected ways.

Recycled fabrics and wood derived from managed and sustainable forest are magnificent and stylish! This year's interior designs are a hybrid of technology and the earth's resources, with the aim of fulfilling the future needs of mankind.

So how can you implement these key factors into the style, décor and furnishings within your living space?

We are all aware of the need to recycle and lower our carbon footprint, this can be achieved by taking simple steps such as making sure windows and doors are insulated properly and provides us with the opportunity to save money on fuel bills by using the double layering of window dressings as an easy and economical method of retaining heat within our rooms. Combinations of cheap blinds and ready made curtains UK create very stylish window dressings for any room within your home.

If you don't fancy a traditional swag and tails dressing with a coordinating roller blind you could choose a variation on this style and rather than having swags and tails simply use double curtain tracks and hang lightweight voile curtains as the inner layer and thicker damask or jacquard ready made curtains on the outer track. Opt for complimentary colours in earthy tones to create a beautifully unique window treatment.

You can also use wooden blinds which have been made from sustainable sources such as bamboo or other soft woods. Many retailers have ranges of cheap Venetian blinds which are part of re-plantation schemes, so it is worth keeping your eyes open for these.

Whilst new technology has become an integral part of most people's lifestyles, these too have found their way into interior design with remote controlled blinds and curtains being seen in many contemporary living spaces. However, these aren't solely for contemporary homes they can be used in any style of home and whilst it may appear on one hand that we speaking of reducing the amount of power we use, remote controlled windows are a real asset for many people, providing them with independence within their home.