This year positive visions are a key essential in creating stunning interiors. Make the most of modern lighting techniques which illuminate and accentuate pattern and the colour of textiles. Colours are being light enhanced with shades being absorbed and filtered providing a constant change if patterns as natural daylight turns to the artificial lights of night. Textiles are fluid and as we have already seen in past post layering plays a fundamental role in the art of illusion. Hot colour tones are being partnered with neutrals to calm them down. The colour of the year, according to the Pantone Institute, is turquoise which can be introduced into your home easily with fabric and materials and is an ideal accent colour to offset neutral décors. Somewhat surprisingly purple has made a come back this year, both in the light lavender shades as well as the richer hues. Pair purple with in-vogue turquoise and you have a winning combination. Texture remains to be used in all styles of interiors and none more so than this year. Look for luxury bedding sets which have silk, velvet and cotton combinations. Opt for toning shades and remember that mix and match is 'in'. This gives you wonderful Carte Blanche opportunities to really make your own unique mark on your interior. If you're not ready to start wallpapering your walls you can still use the in trend colours and introduce patterns, shapes and textures by use of intriguing wall art or using rugs or beautiful bedspreads as wall hangings. Experiment and have fun and as long as all the items have a function and purpose you will achieve a stunning and very usable interior. This style is not an excuse for hoarding and clutter, every item must have a purpose, the room should flow effortlessly from one area to the next, be easy on the eye and exude style. Use of light is imperative. Opt for full length ready made curtains in gorgeous fabrics such as organza or silk which have a natural sheen to catch the light and make it appear fluid. Pooling curtains onto the floor is also seeing a revival to produce natural flows and cascades of fabrics. Keep the method of hanging your curtains in style with your rooms. Swish curtain track is ideal for pinch or pencil pleat curtain headings or a chic curtain pole will provide your curtains wonderful wave effect pleats to keep the theme of fluidity alive within you rooms. Image: Alkemie

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