Pondering over pastels: pastel purple

In this post we're going to be looking at pastel purple, which includes the beautiful hues of lilac. This subtle tone is bang on-trend and a far cry for the deep purples seen in the 70s!

Colours - Pastel purple looks chic and sophisticated when teamed with white or ivory in both traditional and modern homes.

Flooring, Walls & Ceiling – If you have wooden or laminate floorboards a cheap purple rug will add an extra touch of warmth in bedrooms and lounges. Keep walls plain as this will enable you to add patterns and different textures to the room with your accessories. If you prefer to use wallpaper look for the latest design with large floral blooms in pastel shades and keep furniture and flooring plain.

Furniture – Unless you have a really keen eye for coordinating patterns make the choice of plain furniture if you have patterned walls and vice-versa – too many patterns can become very overwhelming on the eye and make rooms look cluttered and oppressive. Modern clean lines work well with pastel purples for a contemporary feel or a quintessential country cottage style can be achieved by using floral sofa and chairs, think along the lines of cottage flowers such as lupins and lavender – the lilac tones used by nature.

Textiles - If you have a plain sofa you can always add patterned pastel purple cushions and throws to bring a sense of harmony to the room. In the bed room plain duvet covers bedding in pale purple look crisp when team with plain white bed linen. For windows opt for white Venetian blinds for a more contemporary style which harmonises with a totally plain bedroom. Ready made curtains can be used in conjunction with blinds if you want to give the window dressing a more traditional look.

Lighting and accessories -This is where you personal touches will make all the difference! Use pendant lighting to add interest to plain rooms; look for light shades which have angular shapes to add interest to plain rooms – these will also cast some wonderful diffused lighting effects in the evenings! Remember the 'no clutter' rule in modern and contemporary homes and use baskets to keep things organised in both bedrooms and lounges.

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