Pondering over pastels 3: pastel yellows

Yellow is a symbol of optimism and the soft, pastel yellows are clear, light and uplifting for use in home decorating. Although yellow (and the lighter tones in particular) are considered more of a feminine colour, they do work well with dark steely greys for a more unisex look and balance. A warm colour, it can help to bring in a touch of sunshine to cold interiors any time of the year!

The other great thing about pastel yellows is that they can be both energising and soothing - let us find out more about using this hue in your own home. It might have been some time since pastels were considered on trend but there are certainly ways to use pastels in a contemporary home. An airy yet zesty yellow has been named the colour of the year and when using the lightest shade you could easily class it as pastel!

Combine the use of this colour with light reflective surfaces and warm wood tones. You could begin with a warm wood tone for laminate flooring and paint all walls in your chosen yellow pastel; in a lounge you would choose wooden furniture to compliment the flooring but with glass tops for reflecting light. For textiles you might want to bring in a second hue and some neutrals; a slightly sharper green is good for cushions and throws in satin and a faux fur white rug brings in more texture.

Finish the room with some definition in gunmetal grey - vases and other sculptural accessories and a softer silvery grey for wall art. white rug For a more playful environment you can use pastel yellows with other sugary hues in a lounge or kitchen. Again, start with a light to medium wood flooring but rather than having dark furnishings, lighten it up with plenty of white and take advantage of natural light entering the room with light fabrics by the window.

It is easier to mix up pastels and softer shades of colour than it is saturated - you might want to choose white to dominate your scheme with a pastel yellow coming a close second and touches of sherbet orange, green and blue coming in as accents. With the use of soft colours you might wish to enhance on the feminine approach to décor with 'ladylike' furnishings - rattan furniture, the use of decorative glass and fresh flowers in pastel coloured vases.

Finally, we wish to propose the idea of using a soft pastel yellow in a Mediterranean style décor along with a fresh teal blue and sand. Use your yellow on the walls with the more saturated blue colour coming in through with accents in ready made curtains and accessories. A beige or sand colour can be used in larger pieces such as an upholstered sofa or a large area rug.

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