A utility room is a great way to keep rest the rest of your home free from the mess of dirty clothes, muddy boots and dirty dishes as well as all of the cleaning products and implements that have a way of taking over your kitchen cupboard space. Though primarily a functional area a well presented and neatly decorated utility room will ensure it remains efficient and pleasant to be in.

The look you should be trying to achieve is a minimal, clutter free one, hard wearing materials that don’t feel overly industrial are what you should use to finish the room. For the floor, tiles are definitely worth considering. Cheap tiles in a cheery colour will be both uplifting and require little maintenance. They can be cleaned quickly and are resistant to stains and bleach. For a more stylish finish, slate or mosaic tiles will do the same job but come with a lot style and elegance. Mosaics are great for creating a playful, exotic feel whereas slate will create a sumptuous, natural feel to the room which will make you much keener to do the washing!

As utility rooms are generally small and at the back of the house, walls should be kept simple to avoid crowding the space and to promote feelings of freshness and cleanliness. A coat of matt white will generally do the trick or, if a little colour is preferred, choose a fresh aqua or lemon.

Do to the higher moisture levels a utility room may have compared to other rooms around the home, decorate windows with a blind rather than curtains which would become damp and encourage mould to grow along the window sills. A roller blind in a colour that compliments the walls is entirely adequate for a utility room, though if you want to add a touch more homeliness you could install a wooden blind.

Whatever scheme you choose, the most important part of decorating a utility room is the spatial planning. Do not simply fill the room at random. If the room is to be completely successful, careful thought must go into the arrangement the white goods and anything else you want to include such as shelving, a sink or closed shoe rack. It is obviously sensible to keep the washing machine and tumble drier next to each other. You might want to build unit around them in order to maintain a tidy and unified feel to the décor. If you do decide to build a unit, you might consider leaving room for a dishwasher, washing basket and shelving area for cleaning products. A single unit which contains all everything will help keep the room clutter free and also create some useful counter space.

Another sensible decision is too ensure the shoe closet is located directly adjacent to the exterior door if you have one. That way you can prevent muddy boot prints covering the whole room. Anybody with a child who takes part in Sunday league football or cross country running or a dog that enjoys walks off the beaten track will really benefit from this consideration.

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