Today, 8th August, is International Cat Day; a day when cats are given recognition by their owners; they're pampered and preened, given special treats and remember the cats that don't have such a perfect lifestyle. As you read through this post you'll see the unbelievable lengths some cat owners go too, to make their feline friend the most important 'person' in the home.

Desire to Inspire

Why should your cat walk down the stairs when he can hop, skip and jump his way down on his own assault style course.  

 Root Simple

Cats love to climb and then perch or sleep; give them a series of shelves to do just that and they'll love you for it!  


Scratching, and plush perching spots in front of the fire will keep your feline friend very happy.  

 Design Ruiz

You love to read and your cats love to sit and watch you choose your latest novel.  

 Home Designing

Shelves aren't just for storage, they're for walking along too!  

ION Decorating

The cat who has this amazing assault course is certainly the king of the castle.  

 Interior Design New Ideas

It's know that curiosity killed the cat, but with these Mario warp pipes they'll be able to get themselves out of trouble.  

 Interior Designer 2014

Colourful walkways and stairs especially for your cats.    

 Interior Designer

If you prefer you cat not to climb on your furniture give them a comfortable sling-style place to sleep that fits under your favourite chair.    

Lucy Wales

This may have been designed as a luxury dog bed but cats will love it too.  

Haus Panther

Love cats but can't have them in your home? No worries, show your cat love with this cat wallpaper.  

 Love House Home

Cats beds the shape of cat heads!  

Good Home Design

If your cat can't go outside, you can at least let him a look at what he's missing!    


Cats love climbing trees whether they're indoors or outdoors.