Take a look around your home and what do you see? Does it reflect your love of all things warm and cosy, deeply traditional or light and bright? Or have things gone out of control so much so that your penchant for minimal clean lines, has created a home that's the wrong side of chilly with nowhere for the kids to mess around; or has your collection of miniature teapots jar taken the cluttered look beyond busy; or, horror of horrors, has your personality stamped out under a barrage of DIY confusion as you bounce from one project to the next?

Whatever your tastes, likes or dislikes, putting them into practice to create a home that reflects what you and your family are all about can be tricky. To help you along the way, and without letting that personality taking over, we'll take a look at what your choice of colour says about you, and what hues work best in what room. Plus we'll see what can you glean from the latest home decorating trends and how can you make them work for you.

Colour affects just about every aspect of your life. It has an impact on your mood and even your appetite. And the colour scheme of your surroundings can determine the kind of day you'll have and it can also say a lot about the kind of environment you've created. Whether you're drawn to fire engine red or have painted your living room bright yellow, your colour choice says a lot about you and influences the environment you create at home.

If you're not sure about working with colour, you'd do well to follow the general advice and stick with neutral shades as they work so well together. Consider using a single colour in various tones to create a soothing simple colour scheme. But if you're feeling confident, don't be afraid to experiment with colour and make bold statements with things like window curtains or cushions. Both these rooms start with a neutral base, but achieve very different results.

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the home. So be sure to choose one that suits your lifestyle. But remember, the look and appeal of your kitchen doesn't always have to come from expensive cabinets. Add interest, by designing around them in bold colours in other areas of the room, such as the floor, ceiling or windows with some kitchen roller blinds for example. Adding colour to this area not only makes a room look more interesting, because they're not in your eye-line you're less likely to get bored with it.

Your bedroom is a place to let your passions run wild and be a bit more adventurous. A clever trick is to make the bed the focus of the room, and use it to build up colour and textures.

When it comes to accessorizing your home you don’t want to look like a hoarder so introduce your personality with a little less gusto if you have a lot of ornaments or figurines etc. You don’t have to throw any away, just keep some in storage and rotate them now and again to keep things interesting.