Perfect Penthouse Home Style

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

A penthouse is not only a beautiful and luxurious home it also makes a statement about your personality and lifestyle. The reputation these properties create and their positioning within the clouds gives you, the homeowner, an automatic sense of status and presence. However easy this status was to acquire, to avoid disappointment, it is essential for you to uphold this reputation with a stunning and equally high standard interior design. Similarly, with the following tips it is easy to transform a more modest apartment in to a more eye catching and luxurious home.

Lighten Up

The most important and influential element within a penthouse property is the amount of light that enters the rooms creating an immense feeling of space and calm. In most apartments there are floor to ceiling window panes which cover as many walls as architecturally possible creating a breathtaking viewpoint of the surrounding landscape. Embrace and accentuate this beautiful feature by keeping window dressings to an absolute minimum perhaps using roller blinds, vertical blinds or voiles fabric which can be pushed back during day time.


To further accentuate the surrounding scenery your furniture should be simple, sophisticated, clean cut and airy. Choose oversized, long and low white leather sofas, glass tables and high gloss side boards which all contribute to the contemporary feeling of the home whilst reflecting and complementing the abundance of light in the space. To keep the design scheme as sophisticated as possible keep your colour pallet limited when purchasing furniture and instead buy pieces which echo and repeat textures such as glass, marble, metal, leather and mirror. This will not only create a true sense of cohesiveness and subtle design but will also act as a gracious accompaniment to your view.


Reading so far; some may think that my ideas for the perfect penthouse are somewhat sterile or unemotional. However this is not the case! Once your furniture and window dressings are in place you can begin to truly stamp your personality on to the design.

From safari to pop art choose you chosen design theme and use accessories to create it. Consider large fur rugs, pieces of contemporary wall art and velvet cushions to add some colour and life to your room. Create comfort and relaxation with sumptuous throws, bedding and scatter cushions and team with elegant and over sized vases and frames. Alternatively, purchase a large antique mirror, ottoman or chandelier to sit in charming contrast to your contemporary furniture pieces or shop around and purchase the latest in modern design sculpture.

Whatever your choice, to ensure your design remains crisp and focused; repeat your chosen theme throughout the entire house. For example, if you were to purchase a red metal sculpture for your living room area; choose red pantone chairs for your dining table and a large red bed head for the bedroom. This very controlled level of design will ensure your overall look is a chic, simplistic and logical as the property itself.

Finally, now you have a fantastic property and beautiful home sit back, relax and enjoy your ever changing backdrop at the end of a long day or at a party with friends and family.




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