Oh, that old chestnut I hear you cry...but no, wait...there's some of the most amazing glass houses around the globe that will simply take your breath away, and we're not taking green-houses either!

Mom Toob

On the subject of green houses if you don't like gardening you could always sleep in a greenhouse – fabulous on a warm cloudless night, a nightmare in a thunderstorm!


There's no place to hide in this amazing house with all walls made from glass.


You'll get the very best views of the great outdoors when you live in a glass house.

Hot Style Design

Best keep friendly with the neighbours if you live in a glass house where they can see everything you do!


This luxury tree house with floor to ceiling glass walls will provide you with an uninterrupted view.


Huge glass windows and walls will provide the illusion of living outdoors, without having to make any sacrifices to creature comfort and protection from the elements.


As cold as ice? – this glass house has to have incredible insulation to make you want to live in it.


Another fantastic example of glass walls giving you the ultimate in outdoor living experiences without actually having to venture outside.

Home Reviews

Contemporary ski chalet allows natural light to flood inside.


Sliding walls of glass will allow to be outside when the weather permits, but will keep you safe, warm and dry when necessary.

The Garden Room Guide

Old style conservatory is the nearest most of us will come to living in a glass house.

Concrete Playground

This stunning contemporary home doesn't only have glass walls it has sexy curves too – nothing green-house looking about this home.


Sleep gazing at the stars and wake-up to face a beautiful view – what more could you want?


I've fallen in love with glass walls and houses made of glass. All I need is the stunning views all of these homes have!  

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