Paper Dreams? Decorating with Wall Murals

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Wall murals have been used for thousands of years to decorate walls and ceilngs. Typically these were painted however, today you don't have to be an artist or hire the services of one, with computer generated images it's easy to use wall murals any where in your home.   Glossy stained wood floor in front of a wall with a decal of a path through tall green bamboo


Wall murals with paths, roads and distant focal points are masters at making a room look larger.   Pink blossom tree photograph decal behind a white double bed

Designs and Interiors

They are perfect for creating dreamy places.

Wall murals are also brilliant at bringing a room's theme together. Africa art style tree wall decal with leopard sitting on one branch

Interior Design 2014

Abstract wall murals can provide colour and interest to hallways. Clover wall decal mural in a small white and cream kitchen

Pixer Size

Exploded images work well in small spaces, providing spectacular colour. White office and reception space with a large sepia wall decal of a planes wing mid flight

Sherriff Lucy

There's a wall mural to suit every style of home and space. Intricate outline drawing of Paris, used as a full wall decal in a living room

Star Manner

Black and white murals are perfect for contemporary homes. A wall decal in text saying I just wanna lay in my bed

Grasscloth Wallpaper

Written text murals are extremely popular – a great way of expressing your feelings! Blue night sky ceiling art Wallpaper

Go Wallpaper

Use a mural on a celing to create a sense of height, colour and evoke tranquilly in bedrooms.

Amaxing 3D wall murals are fabulous at bringing a theme alive.

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