Make the most of your outdoor living space by adding lighting. Of course, they great advantage to out door lighting is that it can be used even when it's raining! From LEDs, to solar powered, you'll find there's a lighting solution for any outdoor space.   outdoor-lighting1

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Add a contemporary twist to your romantic outdoor dining; rather than candles, that blow out with the slightest breeze, these hoops will stay bright without being too garishly blinding. umbrella-outdoor-pendant-lighting

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Embrace the British weather by adding whimsical umbrella pendant lights to your patio or garden. Outdoor-Lighting-Design-2

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Grouped, these lights give sufficient light in a way that's somewhat reminiscent of fungi! led-patio-furniture-lights


Glow in the dark lighting set into chic wooden outdoor furniture provide subtle lighting that will suit even the smallest of patios, balconies and gardens. 20121205092416

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Make your flower pots earn their space in your garden when they double up as lighting. Moonlight-Globe-Light-Modern-Outdoor-Lighting-Beautiful-Modern-Outdoor-Lighting-Ideas-amazing-Futuristic-Modern-Outdoor-and-exterior-Lighting

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Simplistic, spherical lighting looks stunning all year round.   the-latest-gs75-spotlight-is-manufactured-in-the-uk-and-has-the-unique-with-amazing-decor-and-led-outdoor-lighting


Illuminate your outdoor area with spotlights – even a plain fence will take-on a new dimension. Modern-Outdoor-Lighting-Livin-Sponge-Beautiful-Modern-Outdoor-Lighting-Ideas-amazing-Futuristic-Modern-Outdoor-and-exterior-Lighting

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Coloured blocks add subtle lighting for walking areas.


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Add a lighting sculpture to provide 24/7 interest to your outdoor living space and garden. exterior-cozy-outdoor-living-space-decoration-with-pink-umbrella-table-including-natural-wicker-outdoor-armchair-and-outdoor-patio-lighting-design-extraordinary-pictures-of-outdoor-patio-lighting-desi

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Light up your patio umbrella to create the perfect place to sip a glass or two!

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