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An ornament can be so many things. The finish touch to any room, ornaments come in limitless shapes, sizes, materials and styles. They can be picked up anywhere from the supermarket to specialist dealers and one can be found to suit any budget. If you have a room that needs a lift or is lacking in unity and a central theme, with the help of simple ornamentation and detailing you may be able to avoid the expense of redecorating.

Our love of ornaments and decorating stretches back even further than architecture itself. Cavemen where painting the interiors of their caves long before we had invented walls. The Romans and ancient Greeks famously filled their temples, homes and streets with busts and statues. Even functional features like columns were beautifully and lovingly with no regard for the extra time required to create such detailed surfaces. Today these ancient forms of ornamentation remain as popular as ever.

Framed pictures are still our favourite type of ornament for are homes. The reasons for this are clear to all- a photograph or painting can take us anywhere, take back to a special time, remind us of loved one and create any mood, all whilst matching, complimenting and enhancing the surrounding décor. The frames too can be found in any style, represent any period and match any budget- they can sometimes be considered works of art themselves. The classic bust or statuette has also retained its popularity, especially in outdoor settings where their size and robustness fits perfectly.

Though still popular in the classical style, statues now come in a huge range of styles and materials which allows them to fit into any scheme or setting. Cast iron, marble, plastic, fabric, glass and concrete all make for very chic and well defined style statement when shaped into a modern and representative style where figures aren’t bound by classical proportions and realism and are instead supposed to convey feeling and expression.

However, the most loved material for ornaments by homeowners over the last decade is undoubtedly wood. Wood of any type, carved in any style adds instant warmth and humanity to any space. It appeals to something instinctive and basic in us as the carving of wood has been a part of mans history since the dawn of the species. It has enabled us to hunt, it has sheltered us, it has even helped us to travel. Including wooden ornaments around your home is a failsafe way of adding interest without risking a design gaff. Rustic, tribal, modern and natural styles can all be found in wood and will all sit perfectly on a mantle, shelf, sideboard or table.

Plants are also extremely popular as ornaments these days. The natural architectural style of the Yucca or the cactus make for striking decoration to be used anywhere in the home whilst the gentle curves and bright leaves of the Shield Aralia will bring real elegance to any space.

Nature also provides plenty of free ornaments if you are prepared to look, pebbles, rocks, driftwood, pinecones, and shells can all be arranged or used to fill a vase to beautiful effect.

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