How to add an eclectic interior design to your home

Fascinating, multi-layered and surprising – eclectic interior design has much to offer. To the naked eye, it may look like bits and pieces randomly thrown together that happen to miraculously work. However, if you have ever tried your hand at creating an eclectic aesthetic, you will have realised it’s not quite as simple as it looks. If you’re into rich, layered interior design that brings to life a string of eras and movements – eclectic style may be the perfect choice for your home. Perhaps you’re stuck between going for farmhouse rustic or mid-century modern, but then there’s also the factor of how you dislike décor that matches too perfectly. That’s why eclectic style is the solution! It’s a fantastic way to spruce up your interiors with a bit of everything. We have compiled together the best eclectic interior design ideas so you can create your own unique space that’s funky, fun and full of visual interest.

Stick to a Core Colour Palette

Picking a series of core colours to flatter your eclectic aesthetic is a great starting point and will double as an aid to help you create a cohesive look. By sticking to a core colour scheme, it will also help pull together elements of eclectic design to establish balance. We recommend selecting one neutral hue and one accent shade to begin with. Using a soothing neutral throughout will allow for a smart base colour to layer over. Plus, it will prevent the space from feeling too overwhelming.

The neutral you go for will work wonders beside your chosen accent hue particularly when applied to different parts of a room. We recommend shades of white as your neutral tone and bright coral as your accent colour. The Willow curtain in coral combined with your neutral will create a harmonious space rather than a mismatched and erratic one.

Wow With a Gallery Wall

An eclectic style living room wouldn’t be the same without a gallery wall as it’s perfectly evocative of eclectic interior design. Plus, it will look great on neutral walls as you can welcome lots of personality and curiosity.

A gallery wall also allows you to establish distinct focal points. Having something that pulls in the attention of others in a space boasting an unruly mix allows the eye to move about. This is ideal for the intense feel eclectic interior design can arouse. Hang the largest pieces first and then build outward, allowing visual distance between each work. Pick varying frame styles to complement the pieces of art you’re putting in them.

Bring to Life Different Eras

Fill your space with treasured items and shop for those with similar lines and forms to keep with the theme of continuity. A good place to start is by researching three different styles you like, then make one the leading style, and pull from all three whilst looking for similarities. However, don’t forget that opposites also attract! Take the dining room for example – why not juxtapose a mid-century modern Saarinen Tulip table with 20th-century French chairs? Sometimes, it's all about experimenting with new combinations and seeing if they work, and trust us, this one does!

Mix and Match Furniture

Mixing and matching different furniture styles is a fun and smart approach to master magnificent eclectic home décor. Any room in the house can benefit from this as there’s no room a cheerful range of furnishings won’t accentuate. After all, this is what eclectic interior design is all about – bringing together the old, the new, the modern and the classic.

Consider wingback chairs alongside an ultra-modern coffee table, or an Art-Deco mirror placed above a Victorian mantel. We recommend taking advantage of features you already have in your home and contrast these with new pieces to make the most of what you already have.

Play with Pattern

If you want your personality to shine in your home – patterns will do the trick. You can get a little more daring here as you can play around with expressive patterns. Go ahead and mix and match styles to see what fits and what doesn’t.

As always, continue to use similar tones and shades throughout your eclectic inspired home whilst keeping in mind your two core tones. However, now you can break up the space with unexpected mixtures of patterns that don’t necessarily match. Couple items together that normally oppose one another and be adventurous with it. Don’t shy away from conflicting patterns and shades as they’ll help you fashion a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

You can use patterned rugs and scatter cushions to subtly welcome various design eras into a room. Geometric shapes, fleur-de-lis and even polka dots can build an aesthetic interest when utilised with other patterns. Introduce geometric paradise into your kitchen with the Verve Roman blind for a first-class eclectic vibe. The vivid visual of seemingly opposing patterns will add the shock and fun element to your interiors – maintaining a light-hearted ambiance.

Toy With Textures

As with patterns, you can also have fun with textural plays and bring in various textures to make your home décor stand out. Contrast textures against each other for an unforgettable eclectic feel in your abode. You want there to be enough to stimulate your family and friends visually and keep their eye interested. A clever way to achieve this without being blatant is to bring in different textures in small touches.

Go ahead and place smooth textures alongside rough, nubby ones. Think marble surfaces against wood grains – it’s a beautiful contrast. You can juxtapose the soft with the hard too with lavish sofas and throw cushions next to an industrial coffee table. Or if the room in question is the bedroom, adding in a rustic metalwork cabinet and soft bedding, is the perfect juxtaposition of texture and pattern. Such setups will be sure to catch the attention of many people!

Eclectic interior design is all about having your personality shine in a room. When it comes to this aesthetic, don’t give yourself too many restrictions. This is your chance to free yourself from the harsh and tired rules associated with traditional design trends. We urge you to allow your imagination to run wild and have fun with experimenting. Trust your instincts – and keep going until you love it.

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