Open plan inspiration 7 - traditional décor

You can have an open plan layout in a traditional home - made all the more achievable if you have the large and sometimes grand scale rooms of older properties. I get this feeling that traditional décor is very suited for large, open spaces and it gives the impression of heightened elegance or even opulence should you go for a more refined look.

Traditional décor can be a range of period styles from Georgian to Victorian and then some. Learn some tips to making the most of an open plan whilst decorating in a truly traditional style. In an ideal world, you would have a traditional house built with a beautiful back garden. I definitely would!

To make the most of this, we recommend an open plan kitchen dining area that has French doors overlooking that garden - it reinstates the idea of the kitchen being the heart of the home and I can foresee many a happy occasion with the family during warmer summer months. Get it right by having the dining table parallel with the French doors. One traditional style of decorating is Georgian - which works really well in large living rooms with signature high ceilings.

Give definition through using some bold colour - furniture upholstered in traditional Georgian hues - burgundy, sage green, Wedgwood blue or a dusky pink. Choose a deep coloured carpet too or use a large area rug to anchor the centre of the room's design. Here you can get away with using red, green and blue together - just make sure that the room retains its light with antique cream walls, white woodwork/mouldings and a fireplace surround in natural stone colour.

Of course, it will help to set the scene when you have some 18th century features such as the ornate fireplace, cornices and architraves - although you can have such elements put in at a later date. Where you have ornate and detailed accessories, relax the room by choosing laid-back, comfortable seating. In homes where rooms are interlinked with open archways in replacement of doors - a dining room is given a traditional makeover.

You won't want the open plan layout to become cold or too airy (yes that is possible!) - so decorate wisely with some warm colours and wooden furniture. We love a softer red or dusky rose pink for the walls and a slightly polished wood floor for a little opulence. Increase natural light flow by choosing sheer tab top voile curtains or a Venetian blind at the windows and place your dining table and chairs to catch the light that filters through. To compliment your coloured walls - a warm and gentle neutral such as cream can be brought in with ceiling paint, table runner and chair cushions.

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