Open Plan Inspiration 6 - Relaxed Modern Décor

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

You would prefer a no fuss and no frills look in your open plan - just enough modernity to be stylish but nothing forced so that the atmosphere remains relaxed and easy to live with. I think that is the look most home owners are aiming for in recent times.

Relaxed modern will use a lot of neutral palettes and natural materials such as wood, rattan and glass. Lines are simple and the rooms blissfully flow into each other without any bumps or sudden décor changes. Relaxed modern décor is our focus for today in the open-plan layout so lets take a look in more detail.

Before you turn your backs on us for the comment on neutral colour palettes - other cool colours that have a relaxed and soothing vibe can be used too. We might recommend that you use a colour that isn't purely on trend right now - perhaps picking a hue that has longer staying power such as duck egg blue (I can't think of a time that this shade wasn't fashionable). Do take it to the walls and bring it out with a few accessories such as a table runner or coloured vases/bowels.

Bright whites in the open plan kitchen-diner can be quite a head-turner too - especially if you choose contemporary gloss white cabinetry along with white Venetian blinds for windows. It can be brighter still with a splash of colour though - the easiest root in without big changes is to hang an original art canvas by the dining space; a simple vase with a single brightly coloured flower would add character to the table.

Open spaces can either make or break a family relationship - so its worth making things as comfortable as possible so that everyone in the household feels well in their surroundings. Use the space to your advantage in a kitchen dining room by padding out the sides. Provide a third zone where family members can lounge after a heavy meal without feeling like they have to remain perched at the table whilst others finish - its informal and it works really well.

This way, the family tend to bond better in a more relaxed environment. Enhance the look with a mixture of homely textiles and furnishings - a cosy floor rug, wicker dining chairs and soft leather upholstery for the casual lounging area. Here is another room where a light blue or green would help set the mood (what was that comment about neutrals again?!)

And if you don't have an open plan but wish to open up your home and have rooms run smoothly into one another - do it with removing doors and having a nice archway instead; alternatively, a clear glass panelled door will allow you to sneak peek into the adjoining room. The other good thing about glass panelled doors is that they allow more natural or artificial light to enter a room from another direction. Link the spaces with colour; a large accessory in one room such as a decorative floor lamp by the door, will bare colours that can seep into the next room - picking it up with ready made roller blinds, Roman blinds or wall paint.

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