Open Plan Inspiration 4 - Industrial Décor

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Industrial style décor is quite contemporary and it always brings to my mind those large open plan loft apartments - would you agree? I guess that could only mean one thing - this pairing is like a pair made in heaven! The elements of industrial décor include the use of a lot of raw materials - exposed brick walls, steel architectural pieces and concrete flooring. It has been linked with the hip and trendy crowd so that suits us just fine. There is lots of inspiration out there to achieve this look - some of which we wish to share with you today.

  • Give your open plan living room that lofty feeling with well chosen industrial décor. If you are trying to achieve this look in an otherwise non-industrial design, you might want to consider a few weekend projects to add architectural pieces - a floor to ceiling column to divide space, exposed wooden ceiling beams or brick walls will all put the 'industrial' in Industrial styled rooms! Columns are great in that they can lend to the industrial feel without breaking up the flow of an open space living area. We mentioned the trend setters falling for this look - think of the arty crowd and the need for a large colourful canvas on the wall; it will become the focal point in which the room is drawn together. Bare wooden floors are great but if you need to anchor a specific zone you should consider a large area rug or layer a selection of rugs - this will also add warmth to the space.
  • Industrial style kitchen-diners have a certain edge to them that make you feel like a professional chef! You don't want to bend too near to a restaurant kitchen although in an ideal world you are likely to involve a lot of stainless steel and reflective surfaces. White is going to become the backdrop to this design for smoothness between zones and simplicity which can be tied together with trendy white Venetian blinds. For more of an industrial feel you could build a brick alcove to surround your main cooking area - either leave the brick au-natural or give it a sleek finish in white gloss. Display utensils with clever wall mounted rails in stainless steel. To make this open plan more homely you can use your dining area to bring in a natural wood dining table (choose chunky) and upholstered or slip-covered dining chairs.
  • Another large living room to work this style; exposed brickwork alongside the outer wall with metal curtain poles giving way to neutral ready made eyelet curtains. Divide the space with a glass brick wall between lounging and dining or if not dining you can have a zone for a home office or quiet reading area. Industrial decorating calls for a touch of warmth with textiles - a faux fur rug and touch of warm colour in sofa cushions.

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