Open plan inspiration 3 - eclectic décor

Can an eclectic style work in open plan spaces? Perhaps it makes the experience of decorating and creating zones far more enjoyable? I guess we are about to find out! I have to say though, without spoiling it for you - but this is a great style to experiment with and I've certainly seen a fair share of show stopping designs of late.

Eclectic décor is when pieces are brought together from different sources and styles - in end effect you have the best from everything! Let us take a look in more detail at how we can achieve this look in your open plan living quarters. · In a kitchen-diner you can have the best of both worlds with contemporary appliances and light wooden cabinetry with a retro touch to the dining space - also carried through to the kitchen with some unique accessories.

We quite admire that Americana fifties look but we don't want to push it to extremes which is why we choose more flexible pieces too. Start with solid beech units which will stand the test of time and cooperate with any future design/style transformations. You can bring in the fun of the fifties with some super cool bar stools by the island unit or breakfast bar - choose of course an intense red and chrome combination with backs for more comfort.

Update flooring without braking the back - black and white checked vinyl lay will be cheaper than re-tiling. · In a large living room you can have a lot of joy from eclectic style decorating; we especially like the idea of playing around with patterns in a three way colour palette. Go for a classic Brit theme with Union Jack colours - red, blue and white together with cream to soften the look and make the space more cosy. With the blue and red you can pick out different shades of one hue - it gives the space more character and dimension.

Furthermore, mix contemporary pieces with a few vintage or time-worn pieces - a modern cream sofa, pretty vintage florals on sofa cushions and throws, fit some stripes in the scene with large striped area rugs - this will also help to define the central sitting arrangement. If you must - a few vintage Union Flag accessories! · If you are not certain if you can pull off the eclectic style for all its randomness - make your life easier by choosing a monochrome colour palette.

A kitchen-diner works this look really well as it provides enough sophistication and elegance for those all important dinner parties. Choose a glass topped table to begin with and dress old dining chairs with some smart black slip-covers - this will be the centre stage of your kitchen-diner. Give character with a few sleek but traditional pieces - perhaps a traditional clock for wall décor and some nostalgic black and white photography of you and the family is a nice touch. The contrasting element can be brought to your window treatments with some feminine floral ready made curtains with white backdrop - a chance too to bring in a pop of colour after all!

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