Open plan inspiration 1 - classic décor

For those of you have a large, open plan layout at home - congratulations! Open plan layouts are very desirable in modern times and although it poses more than a few queries when it comes to decorating - there is no denying that a sense of luxury is felt with all that space! We will be spending this week giving out shed loads of open plan interior design ideas for all of your favourite decorating styles; beginning with good old classic décor.

Tips, advice and ideas for making the most of what you have - you will feel all the more confident with your home projects after this week comes to a close! Classic décor is a style that is rooted in history - with a love for antiques and refined pieces. If there was any one style that knew best the meaning of 'understated elegance', then it would be classical.

Read on to satisfy your need for open plan living - classic décor style. An open plan living room decorated classic style should be quite grand! Here your necessities can become statement pieces such as the sofa, coffee table and end tables - everything reflecting a classic-world existence. We love to see furnitures with rich, dark woods and shots of gold in accessories. In an open plan, you will want your best features to stand out so consider a soft yet warm colour on the walls such as a dark cream or taupe.

The Victorian era is regarded as our homeland's most treasured classical design period and would bring lots of character to an open plan kitchen-diner. For large families or those of you who entertain big crowds on a regular basis - a large communal table is just the thing to take centre stage. You will want some open shelving high on the walls to display your collection of fine porcelain; a great look for the Victorian kitchen-diner is wall panels in white - especially if you have the high ceilings for it.

Take things one step further by installing tiles within the borders of your panels - choose a slightly off-white or light grey and no gloss here! Keep the look simple by using an undressed wood for dining table and chairs. Do add colour, but choose a muted shade for the upper walls such as a soft green - picking it up in curtains that elegantly pool to the floor and decorative rugs to warm up that bare tiled/wooden flooring. In our opinion, one of the best colour palettes for Classic open plans, include a generous amount of rich cream and a not so generous amount of soft gold; a neutral palette with a hint of opulence if you like.

The home is given the chance to flow naturally between each space but the different zones still hold their own worth with rich furnishings such as gold pencil pleat curtains and lots of personalisation.

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