Yesterday we looked at red Oriental bedrooms, however, if you prefer something a little calmer Pink Oriental is the way to go. Still keeping with the theme of cherry blossoms pale sherbet pink is the ideal partner to creams and ivories. This subtle colours add a peaceful and tranquil looks to bedrooms and although not bright they can be made to look extremely trendy with the clever use of furniture and soft furnishings. A plain wooden framed bed, or even a plain four-poster style, with or without the curtains, in a dark or pale wood will make a superb focal point in the room. Use light coloured wooden blinds to bring a touch of nature to the room and to complement the muted shades used for bedding and duvet sets. Pale cream carpet can be highlighted with  floral patterned rugs, the rug will also help to ground the colour scheme and bring balance to the room. Scatter cushions, along with bedside table lamps with an Oriental porcelain or china base, can help bring the room together succinctly – Oriental themed wall art will take the plainness off walls and can be used in conjunction with the bed to make a natural focal and feature. To add a touch of masculinity grey and pale pink look stunning together, the silvery grey tones will compliment any metallic elements in the room such as curtain tie-backs with Oriental lettering for peace, tranquillity and serenity. Sleek styling and a tight restriction on any clutter will help you achieve the look; sometimes it's the simplest designs which bring the most attention and this tranquil bedroom style aims to achieve this via simplicity and the all important finishing touches.