The big names may be out of this year's Tour de France, but there's still plenty of action and racing to come. With record crowds turning out for the UK stages it's very apparent that we Brits love the Tour nearly as much as the French!  


Incorporate your bike in with your accessories – it's a great way to store your bike and show your passion for pedal power.  


Take your bike to bed – you'll dream of the Tour without the pain and agony!  


Use an old bicycle as a unique wash basin stand.  

Cycle Chic

Make your bike earn its keep in your home by using it as a storage place.  


Recycle your bike chain and transform it into a clock – ingenious eh?  

Home Design Ideas

Use your old wheel rims in the garden as a trellis for your veggies.  

Best Interior Design Ideas

Beautiful wall art made from recycled bike parts.  

Achica Living

Create the feeling of riding in the Tour de France with a photographic wall divider.  

Design Rulz

Make a coffee table from old bike parts to create a focal point in your living space.  

Design Rulz

A full size wall clock made from a wheel frame.  

Antique Farm House

Bespoke candelabra made from spare parts.  

Cambridge News

Nestle against a cycle cushion while you watch the Tour from the comfort of your armchair.  

Planet Bike

Unique chairs which can be used outside without any worries.  


Amazing chandelier made from bike parts.  

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