Now you see it, now you don't

One of the fastest growing crazes in interior design is hiding your television. The first televisions were housed in cabinets, you opened the doors and all huddled round. Then they became a thing to flaunt, showing that you had the money spend.

These cumbersome objects have given way to slimline plasma screens and once again history has repeated itself and we're hiding them out of sight. This may also be due to the rise in house theft; leaving expensive all singing, all dancing televisions on display when you're not at home is an open invitation for many thieves. Or maybe we're hiding them because we don't want to admit to guests or ourselves that we've become a nation of telly addicts! Whatever the reasons designers have found some ingenious ways to hide televisions. Wide shallow fireplace on a brown wall, with dark brown and orange wall art above the fire


Is it behind the wood effect panel or the orange one? Large TV and media unit with built in slide out TV and fireplace


This television is neatly hidden inside a faux wall. Mirror with a black frame on an orange wall

Etihome Theaters

You've guessed, it's behind the mirror! White room, with white storage shelves and tiled fireplace in the middle of the back wall


Very clever disguise, it's in the cupboard above the fire. Wooden double bed with supported shelf at the bottom of the bed for the TV

Home Town

This television integrates into the foot board of this bed when not in use. Dark wooden double bed with white bedding and TV on a retractable arm that lies flat above the bed to be watched while lying down

Design Rulz

This is a clever way to hide a television. A wall mounted TV that is set within a natural wooden cabinet

Trumark Homes

This gives a whole new meaning to a TV cabinet. A coffee side table with hinged lid, and a TV is mounted underneath the lid

The Nester

Televisions are so slim they can even be hidden inside a coffee table. A TV that is mounted to an exposed brick wall, via a rotating arm

Custom Builders Raleigh

If you have a television on your patio it makes sense to hide it away in the wall when it's not being used. A TV that retracts into the ceiling

Dijeau Poage

No hiding behind pictures or in cabinets, this TV is hidden in the ceiling. A TV mounted to the underside of a coffee table, accessible via hinged lid


Another coffee table hiding a TV. A photoshopped image, supposedly of a TV screen set within a bathroom mirror

Granitev Transformations

You can even have a hidden television in your bathroom. A TV that pops up out of a kitchen counter top

Home Spot HQ

Waiting for the kettle to boil? Then why not watch TV for a while!

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